Sitting Position

The position you sit in is an incredibly important factor when it comes to playing the piano. It will affect your entire technique, the sound you produce, tension and many other things.

A good sitting position is the root of a good technique - you can not have one without the other…

Stool height

Over time, you will find that stool height becomes a personal preference largely based on the playing style you have adopted. In my other tutorial 'Tonal Gradation', I talk about the importance of weight being dropped into the keys. The art of producing a good tone on the piano involves far more than the movement of the hands and arms. The entire upper body comes into play which is why some pianists prefer a slightly higher position.

Other pianists prefer a slightly lower position as they feel more in control of their 'weighted' arms dropping into the base of the keys. However you end up feeling most comfortable, try to follow these simple rules:

  • Don't sit too far back on the stool. If you can lift your feet up and not feel yourself falling forward you are sitting too far back. This means you won't be able to apply the weight of your upper body properly. Sit with both of your feet planted firmly on the floor.
  • Don't sit too far away. If you're having to reach forward, you're too close.
  • Don't sit too close - most people do! Look down at your arms when you are sitting at the piano. If you feel like a T-Rex, you're too close!

To summarise, you should be able to move your upper body left and right with free movement of your arms from left to right - up and down the keyboard. You should not have to extend your reach forward even if you travel all the way to one end of the keyboard. Keep those feet on the floor - they should be balancing you (that also obviously applies to the pedal).

If you want any advice on sitting position, stools or any of the above, feel free to contact me.